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Field Evaluations

Vietnam is massively contaminated by cluster munition remnants from the Vietnam War although the extent is not known. An explosive remnants of war (ERW) survey published in 2018 reported 61,308km2 or 19% of Vietnamís surface is contaminated. Cluster munition remnants are said to be present in 32 of the countryís 63 provinces and cities. The Army Engineering Corps performs most of the cluster munition remnant clearance in the country. Although the Corps does not provide data regarding its clearance, it has reported encountering substantial amounts of cluster munitions abandoned by the US military. The mine problem in Vietnam is small compared with its other explosive remnants of war contamination. Most mines were left by conflicts in the 1970s with neighboring Cambodia and China and affect areas close to its borders with those countries. The Mines Advisory Group (MAG) is evaluating three Humanitarian Demining Research and Development Program mechanical tools, two area preparation vegetation cutters, and a soil sifting bucket. These tools are integrated with demining vehicles organic to MAG, and have been used to clear over 5,500 unexploded ordnance items to date.

Sources: To Walk the Earth in Safety, 2018
Landmine Monitor Report, 2018

Multi-tool Attachments

Multi-tool Attachments

The Humanitarian Demining Research and Development (HD R&D) Program has developed a wide variety of excavator and loader based tools for mechanical mine clearance. These attachments give deminers the capability to perform area preparation, technical survey and mine clearance from a safe area. Tools that have proven useful include vegetation cutters, grapples, tillers, and buckets for sifting, grinding, and crushing. The HD R&D Program has modified several small, medium and large class excavators with armor protection and the interfaces needed to use these tools in various demining environments. Operational Field Evaluations (OFE) can be performed with HD R&D Program developed excavators or loaders, or with just the tools mounted to the demining organization`s own host equipment. Distribution Statement A: Approved for public release.

PARTNERS: Mines Advisory Group; Golden West Humanitarian Foundation; The HALO Trust


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